Aeropostale – A tale of Heroes


In Aeropostale, A tale of Heroes, you are the manager of an airmail company in the 1920s. Send your pilots on amazing journeys around the world and guide them through their adventures. With hundreds of unique journeys, your adventures will take you as far as South Africa or Peru. Cross the mighty Atlantic Ocean and the deadly Andes!

Through this game, you will get to play the two sides of airmail as it was in the 1920s:

  • Ensure the success of your company through a simple yet interesting management game.
  • Tame the skies as pilots through an innovative card game experience!

Adventure Awaits!

Watercolor jungle at sunset with small 1930' Airplane

Hard Choices

As airmail was an expensive business, sometime you will have to choose between the life of your pilots and profit…

Alone with your Plane

With every adventure comes danger and challenges, will you be able to guide your pilots through them all?

Explore and Expand

Expand your business with the opening of harder lines between civilization and the uncharted sides of the world!

A story untold

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.

While the tale we decided to tell in Aeropostale AtoH is of the French airmail, this quote from the United States Postal Service still perfectly describes the pilots and pioneers who risked their lives in the name of progress and information!

While the first letter delivered via airplane took off in 1909, the airmail industry boomed in the 1920s with hundreds of jobless pilots returning home from the Great War. The untold story of these nameless men and women is one of adventure, risks, and sacrifices. As mail must always flow, they risked their lives on a daily basis to make sure information was available to all. The speed of information being the definition of progress, they took part in the creation of our future through their risks!